Resource Guide

This resource guide provides links to all of the resources I’ve created that can help you teach your child to read and more!

ABC Flashcards

These ABC flashcards come in a variety of sizes and styles to give you plenty of options to choose from.

Vocabulary Flashcards

These vocabulary flashcards will teach first words, colors, numbers, and shapes which will help lay the foundation for learning how to read.

Word Families Flashcards

Sounding out three letter words with a rhyming pattern is a great way to lay the foundation for reading fluency.

More Complex Sounds Flashcards

These flashcards will help teach the remaining 44 phonemes (individual sounds) from the English language.


These videos accompany the flashcards using colorful animations, vocabulary, and captions.

Traditional Handwriting

With these traditional flashcards, children will learn how to start at the top for most letters.

Easy Handwriting

Easy handwriting letters typically starts at the bottom and have the fewest pencil pick ups.

Vocabulary Handwriting

These vocabulary sheets cover colors, numbers, and shapes with two different levels.

Math Resources

These resources will help students learn their math facts which will pave the way for strong number sense and a deep understanding of arithmetic.

Monster Art Dice Game

Check out my blog: A Monster Art Project for directions and extension ideas for this activity.