We aren’t simply looking for our children to follow in our footsteps, we want them to take the path beside us and go further than we could have ever dreamed possible.

Rules and Routines

By establishing rules and routines, the entire structure of our lives feels more predictable. This creates a haven where children feel safe and protected. Within the rules and routines, there is still plenty of room for freedom and flexibility, and this makes the entire house run smoothly.

Backyard for Kids

One of the hallmarks of childhood is the freedom to explore and experience nature without constant supervision. Children learn so much when they are out exploring, building, creating, imagining, and wondering. With five young children, we try to do that as much as possible in our fenced in backyard.

Hi, I’m Stacey Maaser,

author of Embracing Motherhood! I am a stay at home mother of 5 with 7 years of teaching experience and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I am passionate about teaching my children, feeding them healthy food, learning the truth about things (not just what is popular opinion or counter culture), and sharing what I’ve learned and experienced with others. Thanks for stopping by!