It’s not about what we taught them; it’s about what they learned.

Free Resources

Over the past 10 years while raising my five children and learning how to teach them how to read, I created free teaching reading resources including flashcards, videos, and more that I now want to share with others who want to teach their children how to read. I drew everything by hand, digitized it, and did all of the video editing with FCPX. My children have enjoyed acting in these videos and my husband has enjoyed writing music for them. We hope you enjoy these resources as much as we have!

Teach Your Child to Read Blog Series

If you want a quick overview for how to teach your child to read, check out my blog: Teach Your Child to Read in 5 Simple Steps, but if you’d like an in depth tutorial that shows you how science, research, and my experience as a teacher and mom prompted me to create this reading program that can guide parents (or teachers) to teach any child how to read, then check out this blog series.

#1-Oral Language Development Lays the Foundation for Reading

#1-Oral Language Development Lays the Foundation for Reading

Oral language development is one of the most important aspects…
February 20, 2020/by Stacey Maaser
how to engage your baby with reading

#2-How to Engage Your Baby or Young Child with Reading

When should you start reading to your child? The answer is...right…
February 19, 2020/by Stacey Maaser
learning to read begins with the abcs

#3-Learning How to Read Begins with the ABCs

Learning the ABCs lays the foundation for all future reading…
February 18, 2020/by Stacey Maaser
memorizing words is what good readers do

#4-Memorizing Words (Before Sounding Them Out) Leads to Reading

While teaching my own five children how to read, I have discovered…
February 17, 2020/by Stacey Maaser
Building Vocabulary with Colors, Numbers, and Shapes (Part 4 in a Teach Your Child to Read Series)

#5-Building Vocabulary with Numbers, Colors, and Shapes

By teaching children numbers, colors, and shapes, it will give…
February 16, 2020/by Stacey Maaser
Teaching Phonics with Three Letter Words (Part 6 in a Teach Your Child to Read Series)

#6-Teaching Phonics with Three Letter Word Families

Phonics is a crucial part of learning how to read and involves…
February 15, 2020/by Stacey Maaser

#7-Unlock the Final Stages of Reading with Advanced Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness
The ability to hear, identify, and manipulate…
February 14, 2020/by Stacey Maaser

#8-Reading Comprehension Strategies Lead to Independent Readers

When you interact with books before, during, and after reading…
February 13, 2020/by Stacey Maaser
Reinforcing Reading With Writing (Part 8 in a Teach Your Child to Read Series)

#9-Reinforcing Reading with Writing

Learning how to write is the final step to becoming literate!…
February 12, 2020/by Stacey Maaser
Teach Your Child to Read by Age 3: A Free Reading Program

Everything You Need to Know to Teach Your Child to Read at a Young Age

How DO children learn to read? While raising my own five children,…
July 28, 2017/by Stacey Maaser


So much of learning to read is about laying the foundation with pre-reading skills and activities. The oral language development of a baby is what sets the structure for background knowledge and schema that children will take into their journey of learning how to read. These blogs will help you to ensure that your child has the literacy foundation needed to learn how to read easy and naturally.